15 Reason to Invest in Silver City Islamabad

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reasons to invest in silver city

15 Reasons to Invest in silver city Islamabad

  1. Silver city is easily accessible via Grand Trunk (GT) road. At the entrance of silver city, you will find an underpass to connect NHA land and silver city easily.
  2. Exit from Hassanabdal interchange will eventually lead you to G.T Road but it will take only 5 minutes instead of 20-25 minutes if you go through Koral chowk.
  3. MUREB (Military University of Rear areas) is very near to silver city Rawalpindi, which proves that the location of Silver City is great and suitable for investment. This also makes us believe that the returns on investment will be even greater after some time.
  4. Silver city has its own school which is affiliated with Punjab Education Foundation. This will help parents in providing better education to children in Silver City School rather than in other private schools in Rawalpindi.
  5. Rabiya Modaraba Management Company has announced that it is going to provide a better sports facility for the residents of Silver City Rawalpindi. This will include many activities like cricket, football, badminton, etc.
  6. The under-construction metro bus service will pass via Silver City Rawalpindi. People who are using this society for investment purposes must have seen an increase in the value of their property after this the announcement came from Rabiya Modaraba Management Company.
  7. The silver city is near the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). These universities provide many opportunities for students and graduates according to the employment market in Pakistan. Due to this reason, it will be a good choice for investment by the members of the society.
  8. The silver city is very near to Bahria Town Rawalpindi, which proves its geographical location as a boon for property owners and investors.
  9. In this regard, there is a future plan for RDA’s to make metro bus service from Bay View Park via Grand Trunk (GT) road, Malikabad, Ghanchi Para, and G.T Road, Silver City up to Bahria Town Rawalpindi. This will add another feather to the cap of Silver city and increase its desirability among property buyers.
  10. Silver City is also near younus Trade Center which may lead to the development of the commercial sector around it. This would be a good side effect of silver city because more employment opportunities will attract investors and the demand for housing units in Silver City Rawalpindi will increase accordingly.
  11. With this, we believe that the under-construction metro bus service and Younus Trade Center will add two significant factors which can prove to be an advantage for the investors in Silver City Rawalpindi.
  12. These factors will increase the current demand of this housing society which proved to be a good reason to invest in silver city Islamabad. It will also help you get more returns on your investment by paying less money than it would have cost otherwise.
  13. Rabiya Modaraba Management Company has announced that it will start the metro bus service from Bahria Town Rawalpindi to Younus Trade Center via several housing societies of RDA. This doesn’t mean that they are not going to provide the same facility to only Silver City residents, rather they have planned this for all the societies whose lands have been purchased by RDA.
  14. The silver city is at the heart of Rawalpindi which gives it an advantage over other housing societies in Rawalpindi.
  15. The metro bus project will also provide another reason to increase the demand for silver city properties because people who are residing in Younus Trade Center will get easy access to Silver City.

Those are the Reason to Invest in Silver City Islamabad hoe you like them.

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