15 Reasons to Invest in Taj Residencia Islamabad

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15 Reason to Invest in Taj Residencia Islamabad

15 Reasons to Invest in Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia is your next luxury living accommodation in Islamabad. Sardar Group of Companies is known to fulfill their promise of being light years ahead and deliver successful projects; this time they are aiming for the stars. Taj Residencia will fulfill all your needs and give you a complete lifestyle package that too on reasonable rates.

Here are 15 Reasons to Invest in Taj Residencia Islamabad:

1- Location

The taj residencia is located at the most premium location in Islamabad. It is close to the entry point of Islamabad on the main motorway and at a walking distance from

Centaurus Mall. It is near to DHA Islamabad Phase 2, Margalla Avenue &

Bahria Town. On top of that, it is also adjacent to the upcoming

Bahria Town. This location is also known for its greenery and peaceful environment.

2- Affordable Rates

This time you can own an apartment in one of the most premium locations in Islamabad at very reasonable rates. You do not have to pay exorbitant prices to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, especially when companies like Centaurus Group and Bahria Town are coming up with more luxurious projects at the same price.

3- Sustainable Investment

When you buy a property in taj residencia it is not limited to one particular project, you invest for your future as well as make sure that your investment is safe. Taj Residencia is situated next to two of the most prestigious projects of Pakistan. One is Centaurus Mall and another is Bahria Town, the future hub of Islamabad.

4- Investment for a Lifestyle

The taj residencia has been planned to cater all those luxurious amenities which are necessary to live a modern lifestyle. If you buy an apartment here you will enjoy all those facilities that you dream of and which you cannot afford in your current budget.

5- Adjacent to Centaurus Mall

When we say that taj residencia is near Centaurus mall that means it is close enough for you and far away enough to guarantee a peaceful living environment. The residents of Taj Residencia will enjoy all the facilities of Centaurus Mall right next to their doorsteps.

6- Safest Investment

Taj Residencia is situated close to two of the most prestigious projects in Islamabad; therefore it becomes more attractive for people seeking good returns on their investments. When there are so many reputable organizations heading towards one point, that point has a better chance of being successful in attracting investments.

7- Right Next to Bahria Town

Bahria Town is another upcoming housing society in Islamabad. It is also situated close to Centaurus mall and taj residencia, so you can take full advantage of 3 projects coming up next to each other.

8- Well Established Competition

There are many luxurious projects coming up in Islamabad and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to decide. The best way is to wait and watch because the rates of these projects will fall when they face stiff competition from each other.

9- Available on Installments

Taj Residencia offers you the facility of installments up to 3 years for apartments costing over 25 lacs. This facility will make it easier for you to own a luxurious home without putting a big dent in your pocket.

10- More Investment Options

When there are fewer options available the rates go up but when there are more options available, each project has to offer better deals and facilities to attract investors. Taj Residencia is right next to two upcoming projects which means better investment opportunities for you.

11- Commercialization of Taj Residencia

The commercialization of taj residencia is another positive point which will make it a good business hub in the future. This project has been planned to make all facilities available right from day one so that investors can get maximum return on their investments.

12- Flourishing Business Hub

Taj residencia is not far from the Parliament and therefore it becomes a prime location for investors looking to invest their money in an already developed business hub. When you buy a flat right next to the business hub you will get more returns on your investment.

13- Residential Projects by Sardar Group of Companies

The Group of companies behind taj residencia are Sardar Group of Companies. The group has already successful projects under its belt and this makes this project more desirable to investors who are seeking good returns on their investments.

14- Environment-Friendly Project

Taj Residencia is an environment friendly project which means that it will be eco-friendly in all aspects such as energy conservation. This will be very important in the coming future due to global warming and other environmental issues.

15- Affordability Factor

A luxurious project like the Taj Residencia comes at its best price when it is situated next to two prestigious projects. When there is stiff competition, all investors get their returns while making a smart investment.

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