Blue world city location

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Blue world city location

When it comes to real estate investing, there are a few principles that generally work. The most important factor is location. Real estate veterans constantly favour location and want to invest their money where they believe the site will benefit them in terms of a return on investment. The Blue World City is located at the heart of MozaSihal’s twin cities on Chakri Road.

The BWC is located near the Lahore–Islamabad Motorway’s edge, with easy access to the CPEC route, New Islamabad International Airport, and the Chakri Interchange. BWC developers will develop this project on over 60000 Kanals, which has enough space to accommodate future access from all major roads of Rawalpindi

The Blue World City location and map are available for download here, as is the BWC Map. BWC is also the only housing organization in the region that is near Pakistan’s planned Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will be completed in 2023.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 66-kilometre long road that will connect GT Avenue at Rawat to the Sangjani Toll Plaza and New Islamabad Motorway. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has plans for several special economic zones along the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This implies that, once the Rawal

The BWC is located in the outskirts of Islamabad, close to Capital Smart City, Qurtaba Township, and Eighteen Islamabad. The Blue World City map and location show that it will be one of Pakistan’s biggest housing communities.

BWC is a great society for real estate development since it is situated in the suburbs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which are both growing cities. Due to the enormous increase in recent decades, Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s urban centres are now running out of space. Around 70% of Rawalpindi’s city

Near the BWC, some of the key locations include: New Islamabad International AirportnM2 Motorway Lahore-IslamabadnKashmir HighwaynModel Chakri Motorway InterchangenGreen Oaks Farms

Blue World City Islamabad will undoubtedly be the future. Society is built to be in touch with all of Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s major megaprojects. This has made it a hotbed for real estate investors from Pakistan and people from Pakistan who live abroad. Apart from BWC’s many benefits, it is worth mentioning that the area has many benefits and advantages for its residents. One of these is access to first-rate healthcare facilities.

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