Water Theme Park in Blue World City

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Water Theme Park in Blue World City

Water Theme Park is also the reason of fame. Blue World Water Theme Park is a spectacular tourist attraction at Blue World City. Being develop in collaboration with world-renown Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. China Blue World Water Theme Park is being built over 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural contours adding to the excitement and thrill of the place.

In addition to 20 world-class hot rides. Blue World Water Theme Park also features a playing area for kids and all the renowned fast-food brands. Also including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and others for an action-packed family day-out!

Different styles of architecture merging : Water Theme Park

The park area will have three different styles of architecture merging with each other. The first will be a western-style architectural design that forms the main entrance. The park adorned with greenery and lush landscaping that gives it a picturesque look. The second uses modern Chinese architecture elements. The third adopts an oriental theme for some of the sections of the park building.

Blue World Water Theme Park will have a combination of dark rides, water rides and thrill rides. It has been design to provide the perfect blend of fun entertainment for everyone across all age groups.

Blue World Water Theme Park forms part of an integrated development that includes family hotels, shopping malls. It also have commercial establishments, international school and other world-class facilities within Blue World City. The 240-hectare Blue World City is located at the most attractive region Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Pakistan. Blue World Water Theme Park spans over 10 hectares of the total area

Water Parks Have Been a Lucrative Business Opportunity : Water Theme Park

In recent times, water parks have been a lucrative business opportunity. People from all over the world visit them to enjoy a day without work and worries, leaving behind their jobs for a minute to relax and wind down with a few laughs at blue world theme park.

This is not just another one of any given fun place in town; it is something more. It is a place where you can get the opportunity to forget about your regular 9-5 job for just a day. So even though you are not likely to actually have one due to the falling job markets in Pakistan these days!

Just try it out and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This water theme park also provides food and accommodation to its visitors, so you know what that means: no food and hotel bills to worry about.

And let us not forget the rides and amusement section of this water theme park. With exciting slides and games, bbq section for having fun with friends and family members, swim up bar snacks and a lot more. It deserves a visit!

The opening of the blue world water theme park is expect to erase all your problems and worries, one by one, with its thrilling rides. you’ll be surprise that you are no longer thinking about the bad things in life while at this lovely entertainment hub. You will find yourself smiling for no reason even on a rainy day while spending an hour or two at this fun place – and who does not like to smile every now and then?


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind family attraction that will be enjoy by people of all ages, then you should consider investing in Blue World Water Theme Park. The theme park is currently under construction and set to open Soon. This exciting new venture promises to draw crowds from around the world who are eager to experience this unique marine adventure thrill ride. Give us a call or comment below to learn more about how your business could benefit from becoming our newest investor today!

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