Gulberg Green Islamabad

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Gulberg Green Islamabad

Gulberg Green Islamabad is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society society (IBECHS). There are many housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The beautiful location of Gulberg Islamabad is as beautiful as Islamabad. All the sectors of Islamabad have a cooperative society, The Gulberg is a very important sector. It is adjacent to the capital. There are many types of things in this area such as shopping malls, schools and colleges, hospitals, banks shops, and restaurants. There are several small parks that provide this environment more beautiful.

Developers: Gulberg Green Islamabad

This marvelous housing society project is launch by the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) initiated in 2005. It is spread over 1185 Acres in sector G-13. So, This society consists of several plots housing and commercial areas. So, There are different types of homes which vary from the size with a population of 50 to 200 people with all facilities including schools, hospitals, hotels, and malls.

Gulberg Greens Location:

Gulberg Green Islamabad is located in G-13/3, Sector of the capital city. So, as the location is such that it attracts customers through its unique style and aesthetic environment. This amazing project has been develop to meet the housing needs of customers. It include more than 30 types of plots with different sizes and shapes covering a large area.

Gulberg Greens Total Area: Gulberg Green Islamabad

This project has been divide into several sectors. Also, It has a total area of about 1185 Acres surrounded by Islamabad hills and Margalla Hills.

Gulberg Greens Security: Gulberg Green Islamabad

Gulberg Green Islamabad Pakistan security is manage by the IBECHS society. So, It’s staff keeps eye on any suspicious activity around this housing society project.

Access Points:

Gulberg Green Islamabad has some amazing features which make. So, it is distinct from other housing society projects of Islamabad. The salient features are:

1. Boundary wall with access control gates

2. 24/7 Power Back-up

3. CCTV Surveillance System

4. Internal Roads & Streets

5 . Underground Drainage System

6. Recreational Facilities

7. Multipurpose Gymnasium

8. Security Guards & Watch Towers

9 . Lush Greens with lots of greenery and open spaces waiting to be explore by the residents and visitors alike.

10. Public Transport: There are bus stops located throughout this project where public transport can be avail

Gulberg Greens NOC and Permissions:

The Gulberg Greens Islamabad Project was approve by CDA in 2011 and received an official NOC from them with in two years.


This project is under develope and it will take 50 years to be fully develop. Many roads are being plan across this housing society.

Parks: A number of parks have also been include in the design through which around 300–350 Acres area has been reserve for parks including natural ponds, jungle paths & etc.(there are 3 water bodies surrounding this project).


I got to explore Gulberg Green Islamabad with my friends. Also it was an experience of a lifetime. It’s located in the heart of Islamabad city you can’t really miss it. So, the park is fill with lush green trees, flowers, bushes and many other plants that make for perfect scenic walks among them. . As walked around the enclosure. There are also animals, such as peacocks roaming freely in this space. It made feel like we were walking into their home. They didn’t seem bothered by us. When we took pictures next to fed them some food.

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