How to become a property dealer in Pakistan?

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How to become a property dealer in Pakistan?

The keen to see the property field is growing rapidly. Because it has a high scope in Pakistan due to developing real estate industry there. Consultant become a property dealer of professionals with various skills and qualification. Some people do not have any idea about this field and they prefer to go for it without knowing basics. They also do not know the procedure of become a property dealer or consultant.

There is no need to worry if you are also one of them or if you do not know the way to start this field. Because here we will tell you the easiest and safest method for starting your real estate business.

We have discussed with some professional dealers so that they could help us present right guidance in front of you. We will show you some simple and easy steps needed to become a property consultant in this field. So, let’s begin:

Acquiring proper education

First and the most important step to become a property consultant is: acquiring proper education. You must have to be educated in this field. Because your idea about real estate industry will help you serve better to your clients. If you are not high school or higher secondary pass. So it is advised that you should go for diploma or certificate course in real estate management.

A degree is also needed to show your ability and expertise level in this field. A degree or diploma holder can easily get appointed as a property consultant, even if he does not have proper experience, because it is sufficient that they are educated and talented. Therefore, do not worry about the education level of the dealer; you just need to get proper training.

Property consultant course will teach you the basic information about real estate, investment planning and it will also make you learn to manage your time properly. It is very important for dealers because they have to manage huge amount of money on their hands; therefore, it is necessary for them to be more attentive towards their work. A good dealer must know how to manage the money properly.

Getting experience through work or internship

Acquiring education is not enough, you also need to have proper experience about this field. The best way to get an idea about become a property dealer business is by taking courses from any experienced dealer at least for one month. If you do not have anyone amongst your relatives or friends who can help you, then you can join some training center for learning about this field. One month internship with an experienced dealer will give you the idea of managing real estate business. After that, it’s up to you that how many years do you want to work as a trainee before starting your independent business, but never forget to get proper experience.

Getting work in real estate department of some corporate organization is also a good idea because you will not only get experience but can also help your employer in his work.

It will also help you in starting your own business because it is advised by the experts that if someone wants to start his own business then he should have some experience about related field. If you do not get chance of work or internship with any dealer then there is no problem, just contact an established property dealer and ask him for employment. It is suggested that you should not try to start your own business without any experience.

Deals with the customers & Skills Need

A property consultant is the person who deals with the customers. He is either a broker or house agent, but they are different terms of each other. A broker usually manages the real estate business of his own area he belongs to whereas an agent works for some company. A property consultant has many subfields within himself; there are subspecialties which make him a master in this field. These are:

1. Property Management : How to become a property dealer

It is the work of property consultant involved with supervisory and carrying out different managerial functions concerning a real estate property. He maintains all records of purchase, sale, rent, improvements and other transactions made by the owners or tenants of a building. His responsibilities include;

• Maintaining contracts with tenants; he should be aware of terms and conditions which are binding on both.

• Collecting rent, repairing and maintaining properties of the tenant, including all bills etc.

• Forecasting future problems and helping landlord in case of any dispute between tenants or between them and landlord.

2. Valuation : become a property dealer

It is the process involved with estimation of price of a real estate property. A property consultant should be well familiar with all types of properties available in the market because valuation depends on location, condition, size etc. He should have thorough knowledge about making evaluation reports and carrying out negotiations to come to an agreement with both seller and buyer.

3. Investment Analysis : How to become a property dealer

This field is for experts who can recommend suitable properties to clients in terms of their needs, preference and budget. He should have complete knowledge about market trends in different areas under consideration of investment analysis.

4. Brokerage & Consultancy Services:

A property consultant usually collects data related with real estate market to decide whether the client’s demand for a property is reasonable or not. He should have complete market knowledge in order to suggest his clients about best option available in the market.

5. Property Investment Advisory Services:

Participants are advised by professionals to invest their capital in real estate sector because it has many positive factors associated with it. A property consultant gives his clients advices about the real estate market in terms of investments, trends and statistics. He will suggest his client which pro-perty is suitable for them according to their needs.

6. Sales & Marketing : How to become a property dealer

A property consultant should have good communication skills in order to sell his idea or product to potential customers. He should prepare advertisements, managing media and communicating with investors, lenders and other parties.

7. Establishing the Investors : How to become a property dealer

A property consultant establishes a good relations with the investors as he will be dealing with them frequently. As a mediator between landlords and tenants or an agent or broker for any particular area, he should have complete knowledge about market trends, prices of different properties etc


If you are interested in becoming a property dealer or Consultant, then this blog is for you! We’ve compiled all the information about how to get started and what it takes to become one. From qualifications needed, steps taken to apply, tips on passing exams successfully and more. Whether you aspire of being an agent yourself or just want some guidance on choosing someone reliable who can help with your purchase process- we have got you covered. But if there is anything else that has come up throughout your research so far which you would like us to address here- please leave us a comment below or contact us. You will also find links at the end of the post which provide further reading for those looking into dealing in properties themselves as well as advice

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