Investment in Islamabad Pakistan Property 2022

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Investment in Islamabad Pakistan Property 2022

Pakistan is a country of contradictions. It has been home to some of the world’s most spectacular civilizations and cultures, while also being one of the poorest countries in Asia. Islamabad is at the heart of this dichotomy – it’s a city that offers people the opportunity to live their dreams here, while also providing them with an affordable financial future. The government understands what matters most for investors: access to capital. That means more money available for investments in property development which will help attract international companies from across industries and give locals opportunities they might not otherwise have had before. Investment in Islamabad is a great Idea.
Pakistan isn’t just about war and conflict anymore; it’s about building a better tomorrow together through real estate investment! We’re excited to be part of this journey with your Investment in Islamabad.

1- prime location : Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the appealing locations in Pakistan which is located near to commercial city i.e. Islamabad . It has nearly 500,000 residents and it is expect that this number will rise up to about 2 million by 2021 . So there are lots of opportunities for investors.

2- Infrastructure projects highway , Metro bus, Islamabad Express way

The government of Pakistan is spending billions of rupees in different infrastructure projects which are aim to improve the living standard of people & for investors it means more opportunities. Pindi Bhattian Motorway will be link with Islamabad by November 2016 while metro bus project has already started . Also, Islamabad express way is extend up to the border of Rawalpindi.

3- new modern places for businesses and industries

There will be 5 new cities/towns inaugurate by 2025 which will provide new modern places for different businesses & industries . The government has already given 4 master plans of these planned cities so far. And it is expect that lots of investments will come to these cities.

4- Double story high rise buildings : Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is going to have 1500 double story high rise buildings in near future. And the construction of these building has already started . These constructions will add a large number of residential areas where people can invest their property.

5- industrial area/China town

Expansion of industrial estate is one of the important projects of government which will add new opportunities for investors. As well as, investment in Pakistan can be good choice due to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

6- low cost housing schemes : Investment in Islamabad

Low cost housing schemes are being introduce in Islamabad. One project has already completed while other three are in progress. These housing schemes will add a large number of residential areas.

7- Margalla hills and RAWZAH WALA KHAN project

Margalla is the famous hill station in Islamabad which is located at very beautiful location . It is expect that Margalla will be convert into one of the most modern townships in Islamabad.

Another very important aspect is Rawzah wala khan project. It will be one of the first citizen friendly major projects to be complete near Islamabad.

8- tax free environment : Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is a very good non-fiscal federal territory for investors because no income tax , capital gains tax, wealth tax are applicable there. Also many other indirect taxes are also very low here.

8- legal matters for investors : Investment in Islamabad

In Islamabad there is a law to protect the rights of investors . There is a special cell called ICT cell which has been set up by government for the solution of disputes between developers and buyers.

9- crime rate in Islamabad

Crime rate in Islamabad is relatively lower than other cities of Pakistan. Islamabad police is also the second largest police force in country which has more than 80000 members .

10- new Islamabad international airport

New Islamabad international airport project was launched by government due to which there will be a large number of business projects near this airport , including hotels and commercial areas etc.


So, if you are looking for property investment in Islamabad Pakistan 2021 and want to be one of the privileged few with an opportunity to invest at this early stage, don’t hesitate. Contact me today so I can give you more details about how investing now could set you up with financial freedom for years into the future!

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