Kingdom Valley Islamabad VS Rudn Enclave Which one is Best

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Kingdom Valley Islamabad VS Rudn Enclave

Kingdom Valley Islamabad VS Rudn Enclave:

It comes to comparing the upcoming mega projects in Islamabad Kingdom Valley Islamabad VS Rudn Enclave, one name that stands out prominently is Kingdom Valley.

So, The proposed housing scheme in Islamabad will feature magnificently designed plush villas and townhouses along with a range of amenities to meet every need of the residents coming from the top-end market segment. Therefore, The developers behind this project are well-known We for their previous ventures, which have always been met with success.

On the other hand, Rudn Enclave is an upcoming project in Rawalpindi that is being developed by a consortium of investors. This project is also expected to provide top-notch facilities and features for its residents; however, it does not quite compare to the level of sophistication and luxury that is being offered by Kingdom Valley.

Therefore, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a futuristic state-of-the-art housing society situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city. So, The Kingdom Valley is being raised in collaboration with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Therefore, It will be developed by Kingdom Developers Ltd, one of the leading real estate development companies in Pakistan. Being an ultimate lifestyle destination, the society will offer an outstanding level of expertise and service at affordable prices.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

The society is situated close to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway and is easily accessible from all major parts of the twin cities. It comprises luxurious villas, plots, and apartments with all modern amenities and features that one can think of.

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a perfect example of an architect’s vision. The flat roofs and terraces are complemented with a lovely touch of greenery, which boosts the beauty of this masterpiece even more. This wonderful concept makes the project one of its kind.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location:

The Kingdom Valley is located in Rawalpindi and is surrounded by several nearby landmarks and places. So, These include the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, the International Islamabad Airport, Qurtaba City, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

Therefore, The valley is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Rawalpindi is one of the most developed cities in Pakistan, with many nearby sites worth seeing. So, The Kingdom Valley is located to the northeast of Rawalpindi and can be easily reached by taking a taxi or rickshaw from Saddar Chowk.

Visitors can enjoy hiking or biking through the valley’s many forested paths. While there is no official Kingdom Valley guide, this article provides information about what to see and do in the valley as well as how to get there.


  • Grand Mosque:
  • Kingdom Valley schools:
  •  Water Resources:
  • Electricity:
  • Telecommunications:
  • Hospitals:
  • Parks:
  • Grocery stores:
  • Banks:
  • Clothing stores:
  • Car rental agencies:
  • Pharmacies:
  • Opticians:

RUDN Enclave:

Rawalpindi is a bustling city that is home to many families. The lack of proper housing facilities has led to the development of numerous informal settlements within the city. RUDN Enclave is an upcoming project that aims to provide its citizens with a comfortable and peaceful life experience. So, The developers and investors of this project are looking forward to making this mega project a benchmark for contemporary architecture and service-oriented ventures.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is one of the visions of a real residential community being developed in Rawalpindi. It has modern architecture along with the requisite living facilities. The RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is dedicated to providing its resident’s world-class services with all the latest features of living.

Rudn enclave location:

The RUDN Enclave location is situated in one of the most ideal places in Rawalpindi, offering its inhabitants the chance to live a modern lifestyle with all nearby facilities. So, This society is located on Iqbal Road, Bhara Kahu. It lies a short distance from many major amenities for daily use.

Society is surrounded by hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and educational institutions. It is situate in Rawalpindi, on Iqbal Road.Therefore, Bhara Kahu road links the RUDN Enclave map with Islamabad-Rawalpindi GT road at a distance of just 1 km. Famous Jinnah hospital is situated at a distance of 5 km from the society.

Kachehri Chowk is at a distance of 20 km from the RUDN Enclave map. Islamabad Farmhouse, meanwhile, is situated just at a distance of 10 KM from this society.


  • Farm Houses
  • RUDN Continental Hotel
  • Water Theme Park for the first time in Pakistan
  • DAM View Farm Houses
  • Food Courtogging Track
  • Cycling Track
  • Play Areas for Kids
  • Prayer Areas
  • Ample Parking Spaces
  • 24/7 Security System with CCTV Cameras


If you still haven’t found the perfect home for your family, we’ve created a comparison of two housing developments in Islamabad to help make it easier.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad VS Rudn Enclave is both fairly new communities that offer great amenities like parks and playgrounds, but they differ in terms of price range and location.

The table below will show you the differences between these neighborhoods so that you can decide which is best for your needs!

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