Oversea And J Block Map Revealed By Park View City

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Overseas and J block are amazing additions to this grand project Park View City Islamabad that fulfil the requirements which you want in your dream housing society. Both blocks possess the premium location, and along with attractive locations they provide you with all facilities and amenities that are essential for any best housing society.

Ceremony At Park View City On Overseas Block Balloting And J Block Map Revelation.

A ceremony has been held at Park View City on Overseas Block balloting and J block map revelation by the authority of Park View City. Many businessmen, real estate experts, property experts and investors all over Pakistan including CEO of Emperor Marketing Mr Ali Hussain, Managing Director Mr Umair Abbasi and Sales Manager Muhammad Abid along with the sales team attended this ceremony at Park View City.

Overseas And J Block Map Reveal By Park View City Announcement.

Park View City after a long wait has officially announced the map revelation of Overseas and J Block on its official Facebook page on  July 14, 2022. The date of revelation of these two blocks has been confirmed by the management of Park View City.

After your long wait, the map of the Overseas and J block is going to be published on  August 13, 2022. Overseas And J Block map presentation is presented by the management of Park View City and people from Overseas and J block take part in its celebration. All information regarding map revelation of Overseas and J block is provided on the facebook official page of Park View City.

Overseas And J Block Map Revelation Impact.

As the J block location is confirmed after a long wait you can visit your actual plot location with a new map.

Overseas block balloting makes a very good impact on the real estate market however after its balloting it is not just a file but a plot itself. New prices of Overseas block which are expected are 5 marlas is saled at 10M and 10 marlas is saled at 1.9M.

Overseas and J Block map revelation has left a major impact on the market. It builds the trust of investors in this housing society( Park View City). Investors started trusting the management of Park View City after the revelation of the Overseas and J blocks as it fulfilled its commitment to the revelation of these two blocks and balloting of overseas blocks.

Apart from some positive impacts it also has some negative impacts after the Oversea and J block map revealed the prices of its plots has been increased.

The final look of the map of Overseas and J block will be provided soon.


The revelation of J Block and the balloting of Overseas block have been done. And the plot number of Overseas and J Block has been assigned. Within one week an official letter of plot number will be dispatched to the address you have mentioned. 

Hope you will receive the letter within one week if you haven’t received it within one week contact us for verification. You can visit Emperor Marketing’s official website or its Facebook page for the J block map & Overseas plot number or contact us to know your plot number.

For further details visit our website or contact us.

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