How can Overseas buy Plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

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Overseas buy Plot in Kingdom Valley emperor marketing

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is situated on Grand Trunk Road, the main artery of traffic between Lahore and Islamabad. The project lies just off the M-2 Motorway Junction which itself lies about 9km away from Zero Point Interchange near Diplomatic Enclave.

There are several options to buy plots in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. One can go for direct purchase, one can opt for the monthly payment scheme and there is also an option for companies to set up joint ventures with Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Here are some reasons why Overseas buy Plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

*Direct purchase: The main advantage of going for direct purchase is that the buyer gets full ownership without any hassle. In this option, one can either go for a ready construction or a vacant plot.

*Monthly payment scheme: Under this option one has to pay for the plot every month. The advance will be recovered by selling more plots. This ensures that there is no outflow of money at once, but you can also clearly see your investment grow in time.

*Joint Venture Scheme: One can go for the joint venture with the developer so that he can have a share in the profits generated from the sale of plots. In this case, one will have to pay a fixed amount for which he or she is entitled to buy a certain number of plots every month. This way you get to invest in a project and also enjoy regular monthly returns.

Why buy a Plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

What makes a house a home? Why do we invest such huge amounts into our homes? Most of us think that the reason behind investing such huge amounts into buying a home is because it gives peace, security, and assurance. A place where we can rest assured that our family will be safe and secure; where we will be comfortable with the surroundings; where we will be surrounded by lush greenery.

Our homes are important because they provide us with a sense of home, the feeling of being safe and secure in one’s own territory is something that not all human beings have access to.

The Kingdom Valley provides you with just these kinds of amenities free from all sorts of hassles or complications. The housing scheme provides you with all the comfort that you can ask for, it gives peace of mind and ensures security.

This is not all, there are heaps more benefits of purchasing a plot in The Kingdom Valley which are as follows:

  • Safe & Secure Environment
  • Security Driving through the gated community.
  • Green & Clean Environment, Perfect for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to M-2 Motorway and Airport Road in a matter of minutes.
  • Affordable Prices with High-Quality Standards are being maintained for all future developments in the Kingdom Valley Housing Scheme.
  • Variety of Open Spaces & Super Market for All Rounder Social Activities.
  • Special Plots of Affordable Prices are available on the outskirts of the scheme for those who wish to own a bigger size plot on lower prices with even bigger open spaces than all other plots in the scheme.
  • Easy Access to different parts of the city via main roads.

How To Book a plot in Kingdom valley Islamabad

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support and trust. We appreciate the privilege given to us by our customers and will try and serve you as best as we can do.

As everyone knows, Kingdom Valley is a private housing scheme; therefore it is mandatory to book a plot before one can purchase or own a plot.

For the convenience of clients and speedy process, we have included all the relevant information required with respect to booking a plot at Kingdom Valley.

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

Why Invest Through Emperor Marketing:

Emperor Marketing is here to help, by making the process easier for Overseas buy Plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. By staying away from banks and brokerage companies that are high in charges but low on service. We bring an easy, hassle-free process that helps you invest with less paperwork. We give you a simple platform through which you can explore. Different investment avenues and invest in your favorite asset classes.

We believe that by empowering you (i.e., the customer) and creating a transparent transaction process. We can grow together as a team. Our aim is to help our customers with the documents they require to book their investments. So there is no need for them to spend hours researching those documents on their own.

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