Park View City investment benefits

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park view city investment benefits

Vision Group is building a city called Park View City. It has residential plots, commercial plots, residential flats, and apartments in Islamabad. The luxurious housing development includes world-class facilities such as a grand mosque, popular schools, a large hospital, Park View Mall, and a huge community center. From the 200-foot broad main road, wide thoroughfares, beautiful community, and vast green belts, as well as playgrounds and parks, this housing society’s luxuries are obvious.

Here is a summary of the article for you to read. You may be wondering whether all of the excitement is worth investing your own money in! Here are five reasons why you should concentrate on if you want to invest in Park View City, as previously mentioned.

Park View City’s Advantages

1. Perfectly located or Ideal Location

The primary appeal of this luxury home Society is its location. Park View City is located at Malot Road, only 15 minutes away from the Kashmir Highway. Moreover, it’s close to the Serena Hotel.

The society’s 200-foot primary boulevard is accessible from the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway via a driveway of 15-20 minutes. As a result, we may infer that Blue Area is only 20 to 25 minutes away from the community. This makes the society ideally positioned for both residential and commercial use.

Even though the housing plan is conveniently situated near to the city center and accessible. The PVC housing community also benefits Bani Gala’s mountains and hills, which offer a peaceful environment. So building your ideal house in a lovely rural setting near the city center is an excellent combination of features.

It offers everything that other housing societies have,

2. Commercial Area with the grandeur entrance

The Park View City housing society’s main street is 200 feet wide. It connects Jinnah Avenue to Park Road within Islamabad; it’s about 90 to 100 meters wide.

A broad access road improves transportation to and by the community, resulting in quicker and easier business travel and allowing you to enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of your luxurious home society.

Another incentive to invest in Park View City is that the commercial zone is immediately following the entrance. Commercial areas bring commercial and business activities into residential occupations, raising the value of life in a society.

The Fact Is that a commercial area is conveniently located at the entrance, and it will attract a larger clientele since it will also be accessible to neighboring communities like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave in this situation. Therefore, property developers are enticed to construct landmark projects and shopping malls in these commercial areas. As a result, the demand for the housing society will rise even.

3. The quick development pace: possession in Park View City’s A and B blocks

Park View City’s development function is proceeding at a rapid pace. Two blocks, A and B, are already completed, and possession was transferred to residents in these units. In addition, homes have begun to be built in these cubes as part of Park View City’s development process.

The street network of additional blocks may be built at a rapid speed. The construction of the magnificent Jamia mosque has already begun, and work is progressing swiftly. We think that the society will take over 5 to 10 years to develop and that the neighborhood will function daily.

You may learn more about the park view city’s latest developments in-depth on its website.

4. Successful Developer

Vision Group developed Park View City. Aleem Khan, the chairman of Vision Group, is a well-known political figure and one of Punjab’s most prominent ministers.

Being connected with such a character does supply the Job with additional authenticity. In addition, it certainly lessens risks associated with growth and construction.

Furthermore, the team’s portfolio comprises Park View Signature Apartments, Park View Villas, and the corporate Center in Lahore, all of which suggest that the group has a strong management team and is capable of executing projects on a large scale.

5. Overseas block of Park View City

The Overseas Block of Park View City is the latest in this fascinating home project, catering to everyone’s requirements. From residential and commercial plots to conventional flats, this society has a diverse range of interesting housing options for everybody.

The following stage will begin according to international standards to satisfy all the housing needs for Pakistani expatriates living abroad. This cube is designed specifically for overseas Pakistanis looking for a sense of belonging, knowledge, and a secure location to buy Pakistan.

This project is located close to the commercial downtown area and provides its residents with a lucrative investment and an excellent lifestyle.

6. Golf Estate of Park View City

Golf Estate of Park View City Islamabad Pakistan is a luxurious project which carries beautiful design and specifications. It has a built-up area ranging from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal with different facilities.

Prices on these specifications are available upon demand, so please feel free to contact us as we have a team of real estate experts and brokers who will help you out in getting the best deal for your dream house.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in buying this beautiful Park View City Islamabad project, and we will provide you with all further details.

7. The Art of Maintaining the Economy

Park View City has maintained the market since it was founded in mid-2017. The property market of Islamabad’s continued acknowledgment of this home society on the market indicates that the marketplace will be more secure in 2021.

Park View City’s administration has used various strategies to help the housing community achieve several goals that were started later. Generally speaking, occasional and strategy arrangements would be the two most frequent techniques we have discovered.

8. Rotation of investors’ funds

Suitable for retail or commercial real estate development, Park view City’s approach allows investors to rotate their money among various products. They’d invest in the early phases of a product’s life cycle and then wait until the market became stagnant before moving on. Park view City may keep its short-term investors because they can rotate their funds between different goods by

So, the organization caught them by surprise and began a 3.5 Marla commercial property that was a complete success once they were ready to sell their 3.5 Marla residential plots.

In a nutshell, allowing investors to replace their investments among various items while the Park View City product launch is planned generates cash. Furthermore, this allows consumers to evaluate the reach of each good before selecting one for long-term investment.

9. Larger plot dimensions

Another fantastic feature of Park View City is that their Storyline Sizes are larger than other neighborhoods. For example, a 5 Marla plot has 1300 square feet and dimensions of 26′ x 50′. In addition, a 10 Marla plot in Park View City measures 2450 square feet and has dimensions of 35′ x 70′.

10. Some of the other pros of the society are:

No objections have been raised about NOCs or permissions, and the environment is quiet. Pollution-free zone. it will be a load-shedding free zone.


Park View is a magnificent example of how to effectively utilize city technology to improve the quality of life for residents. It will be one of the finest societal orders in Islamabad when it is completed, and its success has demonstrated that Pakistan’s cities may become powerful engines for change.

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