Park view city Islamabad location, Map, Overview

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If you are looking for a residential plot in Islamabad, look no further than Park View City. The Park view city is located at Zone 4 Malot Road, and the project is situated opposite Bahria Enclave Islamabad across from Park Enclave. From here, it will take about a five-minute drive to reach Park road, where all major shopping malls can be accessed easily by car or public transport.

Investing in the Park View Islamabad housing project is smart because of its affordability and ideal location. With different-sized plots for sale, you can invest where it’s affordable to yield high returns in future years. In addition, the development work with modern infrastructure makes this place an investment dreamland that has something to offer everyone!

Park view city Location & Map

Park View City is situated opposite the prestigious Bahria Enclave and 15 minutes from Serena Hotel Islamabad, Park View City provides an ideal location for your dream home. In addition to that, it’s also conveniently located 1 minute away from the lush green botanical garden, as you can see on this map here. Moreover, the distance between Park View City and Chak Shahzad via Park Road & Kuri road is 8 km, while Lehtrar road & Islamabad highway will take you there in only 9km!

park view city map

Park View City is near the lush greens of Bani Gala, making it an excellent choice for permanent residence. Moreover, the project has fascinating sceneries, with its main entrance from Rawal Chowk and gate two accessible from Bhara Kahu. Furthermore, it’s located close to all major city resorts without being too noisy or polluted, making this a good option for living permanently. The Park View City Project, which spreads between 12000+ Kanal of land with several blocks to attract residential and commercial users, is located in Bani Gala’s lush green setting.


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