Park View City NOC Approved OR NOT

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Park View City NOC

In this article, we are going to discuss whether Park View City NOC Approved OR NOT

Park View City is an upmarket housing society developed by Vision Group. It has been publicized as a living space that meets the modern needs of people. The project has been advertised as having spectacular views. Lush green fields and excellent infrastructure includes a 400 ft wide main boulevard.

With direct access from the highway into the community via Kurri Road and Banigala. It is also organised to provide the perfect location for families who want to live in a family-friendly neighbourhood and a protective place with an innovative vision and attractive views.

NOC Approval Park View City

It is not a surprise that following the advertisement. There has been a growing interest among people to own an apartment or a house. In this regard, many have bought their way into the housing society and invested huge sums of money into it even though they don’t fulfil the basic criteria to enter.

But due to extra pressure from brokers and individuals, Park View City management gave them NOCs after taking a hefty amount as a bribe from each person who received a NOC which contravenes the rules and regulations of housing societies in Pakistan.

Park View City NOC Update:

Now, when the case has been brought to national media by Saleem Khaliq Advocate, the CDA came into action and issued notices to all these people who have bought apartments or houses without fulfilling legal requirements. Now, it is clear that NOC was issued which violated the rules and regulations of housing societies in Pakistan.

Park View City management doesn’t own money to refund people who invested in this housing society. After taking a huge amount as bribes from each person. However, our question here is: Who gave permission (NOC) and cleared this project?

This is surprising that on one hand, we talk about accountability, and on the other. We let government organizations issue NOCs against the rules and regulations of housing societies in Pakistan! These people use their authority to benefit themselves which results in the violation of the rules and regulations of housing societies in Pakistan.

Features and Basic facilities:

Park View City Islamabad is equipped with basic but essential features that can be found in other societies. These features are often taken for granted while the key essentials are overlooked by society owners. Which results in a ten-year slump in the project’s performance level after being put into use.

There are also many societies built in the luxury category where not even have facilities of underground electricity supply, gas, and water available for residents to meet their needs regarding kitchen tools, lawn mower machines, or any other domestic equipment.


After reviewing the submitted plans. It was determined that the proposed Park View City development met all city requirements and would be approved as a NOC. The excitement for this new development is palpable, and we cannot wait to see the final product come to life.

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