Park View City Overseas Block Map Revealing And Balloting

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Park View Islamabad Overseas Block Map Revealing And Balloting Details.

Park View City Islamabad is one of the best housing societies in Pakistan which is owned by  Mr. Aleem Khan, the ex-member of PTI. This society is NOC approved by CDA and provides the world’s best features and amenities.

It possesses prime location and situated in Zone 4 of Islamabad and offers a variety of residential and commercial sectors. 

Map Revealing And Balloting Announcement. 

The wait is over now, Park View City has announced the Park View City Overseas block Map Revealing and Balloting news on their official social media page. The management of Park View City also announced the Overseas Block Map Revealing and Balloting date which is 5th November, 2022.

Park View City Overseas Block Second Balloting .

Second Balloting will be held on 5th November, 22

1000 Priority Member For Possession- Cleared 100% Plot Payment 

List of 1000 Priority Member for possession who have cleared 100% plot payment as on 5th November, 2022

Park View City Overseas Block 50% Plot Price-Qualify For Balloting.

50% Plot Price with all overdue installments must cleared to qualify for balloting.

Park View City Overseas Block 10% Discount- Advance Installment.

10% Discount on advance installment (At least 15 days before due date.

Note: For more Questions and Queries Please Contact Us.

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