Park View City Terrace Apartments

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park view city terrace apartment

Terrace Apartments of Park View City’s renovation proves that with a little innovation and outside-the-box thinking, not only can apartments remain affordable to the average household but also increase in value.

The idea was to keep the apartments affordable for low-income earners while increasing their value through proper renovation.

Through this renovation, Park View City Islamabad Terrace Apartments are now an example of good design for low-income housing projects that can stand on their own against higher-income apartment buildings. So, the renovation of Park View City Terrace Apartments is an excellent example of how a small-scale housing project can be improved to become a resounding success. The project involved the design and engineering team working closely with the client. The contractor, and residents by holding open meetings for feedback during all stages of development. This two-way process has resulted in a better design.

Two architects, Andy Wong and Victor So, applied their interior design skills to create modern spaces with an Asian ambiance that blends the taste of Western living with Eastern culture.

Park view city Apartments: Terrace Apartments

Apartments are a great and affordable living space for anyone who is not a big fan of house livings or is new to Islamabad. So, all necessary amenities are available in the apartments like 24-hour electricity, cable (Fibre Optic Network), water/gas availability, smart lockers and daily cleaning service. The area Park View City Terrace Apartments is very peaceful with a number of parks around it.

Types of Bedroom Apartments in park view city: Terrace Apartments

1) 2 Bedroom

2) 3 bedroom

3) 4 Bedroom.

There are several categories of apartments for rent in Park View City Terrace Apartments including: Studio, 1 Room, 2 Room, 3 Room and 4 Room. So all apartments include Air Conditioning units (AC). Also, Fresh paint has made it evident that this is no longer a place for low-income earners.


Not only the living place is enough for a good life, but we need some entertainment and facilities near to us. Park View City has all types of amenities like:

• Large number of Shops (Clothing, Shoes, Grocery & General Stores)

• The Hypermarkets (Al-Baik and Metro Cash and Carry)

• Local Supermarket (Park Bazar)

• Two Banks (HBL and

  • Number of Restaurants

• 24/7 Pharmacy

• Women’s Beauty Parlour

• Pet Shop

• Number of Telephone Booths for Local Calls Only, from where a nominal fee is charged.

• Large number of Schools, Colleges and Commercial Institutes.


Conclusion paragraph: The Park View City Terrace Apartments are a perfect place to call home. So, let me know in the comment below if you want more information or would like to set up an appointment for viewing this beautiful property! I’ll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible, thanks again for your time and interest!

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