Park view home

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Park view home

The home we live in influences how we live and see ourselves. Nothing is more pleasant than going back to a beautiful and comfortable home. A beautiful house with an elegant outlook, stylish interior, alluring furniture, and a spectacular view from the windows.

People especially in urban cities long to have their home with a unique view of the outside world, this is why living in a house with a park landscape tends to be more popular than any other type of view. As it is not difficult to see why, with its lush greenery and beauty that has more advantages than any other landscape view.

Park view homes are usually large in size with a lot of windows to allow more light and airflow into the house. This not only provides the occupants with more access to natural scenery but also allows more sunlight to enter, which is important for plants inside the room to grow healthy.

Features of Park View Homes ??

  • Natural landscape with different kinds of greenery, flowers, and grasses. It gives the residents a different perspective on beauty.
  • It allows more natural sunlight to enter through windows so it is easier to grow plants inside the house.
  • It provides a relaxing environment where people can relieve all their stress upon getting home from work.
  • You can see beautiful views of nature from the comfort of your house.
  • No insects and pests could enter the premises as Park View Homes are usually tall with tall trees which prevent entry to unwanted animals.    
  • It is a captivating sight where you could relax and feel serene, relieving all stress from work or school.    
  • It is safer than living on streets with heavy traffic.
  • With all these benefits it is easy to say that park view homes are the best property you can ever purchase for your home.    

Park View Homes are available in the following sizes

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Development Work Update

The development work of Park View Villas is carried out at a fast pace, with construction having already started on some houses and grey structures completed. Five Marla villas are ready for possession while ten more have just gone through their final inspection to become yours!

NOC aprroval:

The development of Park View City was made possible by the Capital Development Authority. So, this housing society offers a legal and luxurious environment that consists of spectacular scenic views from Mother Nature, which makes it one great feature about this place!
This Committed to providing international recreational opportunities such as skating rink in winters, beaches during summers etc., commercial areas for shopping & business purposes like markets and plazas where you can find good restaurants serving excellent food at affordable prices too along with other infrastructures needed for day-to do’s


What makes this house so special? Well, it’s a home with the most amazing view in all of Seattle. Every window and every room overlooks Elliott Bay with views that will simply take your breath away. So, this is not just any waterfront property; this is one of the most sought-after luxury homes ever to hit the market in Seattle! Don’t miss out on what could be your dream location for living or entertaining – book an appointment today!

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