Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas is a revolutionary residential community located in the first smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart City Islamabad. It offers a contemporary and luxurious living experience, complete with all the modern amenities and facilities one could ask for. Trivelles Smart Villas are designed to be “smart homes,” incorporating advanced technology and providing a state-of-the-art living experience. This article will delve into the details of Trivelles Smart Villas, including its developers, location, master plan, and more.

Trivelles Smart Villas Owner & Developers 

Trivelles Smart Villas is a subsidiary of Trivelles International, a well-known UK-based property firm with over 29 years of experience in the property market. Trivelles International is known for its innovative and exclusive residential options, including student residences, apartments, and hotels. Its expertise in the property sector enables it to provide sound investment consultancy to its clients. 

With its hands-on experience in the UK and global property markets, Trivelles International is uniquely positioned to provide world-class residential options in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Location of Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas are located in Block-D of the Overseas Block in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The project is surrounded by Crystal Lake and an 18-hole golf signature course, offering stunning views and a serene living experience. The project’s location is ideal, with easy access to the Main Boulevard, which is directly linked to the Overseas Block. 

Moreover, other amenities such as Smart School, Jamia Mosque, Playgrounds, Hospitals, and many others are present within walking distance. It is also linked to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 and has a dedicated interchange approved. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is also connected to it, providing instant access to the hub of Twin Cities.

Master Plan of Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas offer luxurious living in a limited number of Smart Villas in 3 to 5 bedroom categories. The master plan comprises four types of villas: Abbey Villas, Strand Villas, Harley Villas, and Regent Villas, in both 5 Marla and 10 Marla sizes. The villas are designed to offer the ultimate living experience, with spacious rooms and state-of-the-art facilities. Each villa has a unique set of features, including a roof garden and barbeque area, making them perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening with family.

Abbey Villas

Abbey Villas are available in both 5 Marla and 10 Marla sizes and come with 3 and 4 bedrooms, respectively. They feature a drawing room, a lounge/living room, a terrace, and a car parking space. The 5 Marla Abbey Villas do not have a powder room or a maid’s room and bath, while the 10 Marla Abbey Villas have both.

Strand Villas

Strand Villas come in both 5 Marla and 10 Marla sizes and offer 4 bedrooms each. They feature a drawing room, a lounge/living room, a terrace, and a car parking space. Like Abbey Villas, the 5 Marla Strand Villas do not have a powder room or a maid’s room and bath, while the 10 Marla Strand Villas have both.

Harley Villas

Harley Villas come in a 10 Marla size and feature 4 bedrooms. They have a drawing room, two lounge/living rooms, a powder room, a maid’s room and bath, a terrace, a car parking space, and a roof garden.

Regent Villas:

Regent Villas are the largest and most luxurious smart villas offered by Trivelles Smart Villas. They come in the size of 10 Marla and feature five spacious bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, a large living room, a drawing room, and a powder room. Additionally, these villas offer two lounges and a maid’s room with a bath. Moreover, Regent Villas come with a terrace, car parking space for two cars, and a roof garden and BBQ area.

Trivelles Smart Homes:

Trivelles Smart Homes are a new concept in modern accommodations that incorporate hi-tech electronics and gadgets to enhance the quality of life, save time and energy efficiency. Trivelles Group, a leading real estate developer, is now launching Trivelles Smart Homes in Capital Smart City, Pakistan. This unique gated community provides built villas with luxury finishes and “A” grade smart technology. With limited availability in phase 1 launch, Trivelles Smart Homes offer an opportunity to experience a smart lifestyle in Pakistan.

Facilities and Amenities

Trivelles Smart Villas is a dedicated community that provides a range of facilities and amenities supported by the latest technology to maximize ease and lifestyle standards. Some of the key facilities and amenities are listed below:

Gated and Walled Community: 

Trivelles Smart Villas is a gated and walled community that provides security and privacy to its residents.

Card/IR Device Controlled Entry: 

The entry to the community is controlled by card/IR devices, which ensures only authorized persons can enter the community.

CCTV Surveillance: 

The community is equipped with CCTV surveillance to monitor the activities within the community and ensure the safety of residents.

40 Feet Wide Network of Roads Within Community: 

The community has a 40 feet wide network of roads, which ensures easy movement of vehicles within the community.

Footpaths and Green Belts Along Roadside: 

The community has footpaths and greenbelts along the roadside, which provides a safe and pleasant environment for pedestrians.

Solar Controlled LED Street Lights: 

The community has solar controlled LED street lights, which ensure that the streets are well lit and energy efficient.

Underground Supply of Utilities: 

The community has an underground supply of utilities, which ensures that the streets are free from unsightly utility poles and cables.

Garbage Collection Services: 

The community provides garbage collection services, which ensures that the community is clean and hygienic.

Power Backup: 

The community has power backup, which ensures that residents have access to electricity even during power outages.

No Load Shedding: 

Trivelles Smart Villas is free from load shedding, which ensures uninterrupted electricity supply to residents.

Free High Speed Internet on Public Spaces: 

The community provides free high-speed internet on public spaces, which ensures that residents can stay connected to the world.

NOC and Planning Permission

Trivelles Smart Villas has acquired legal NOC from Capital Smart City Authority. Furthermore, HRL has also cleared Trivelles Smart Villas NOC. This ensures that Trivelles Smart Villas is built according to standards and guidelines of HRL.

Booking Procedure and Price Plan

The booking procedure for Trivelles Smart Villas is simple and easy. The price plan for different villa sizes is as follows:

Villas Size: 5 Marla

Bed: 3 Bed

Booking: 10%

Confirmation: 10%

Installments x 12 Quarterly: 616,590

Total Price: 9,300,000

Villas Size: 5 Marla

Bed: 4 Bed

Booking: 10%

Confirmation: 10%

Installments x 12 Quarterly: 633,165

Total Price: 9,550,000

Villas Size: 10 Marla

Bed: 4 Bed

Booking: 10%

Confirmation: 10%

Installments x 12 Quarterly: 1,054,170

Total Price: 15,900,000

Villas Size: 10 Marla

Bed: 5 Bed

Booking: 10%

Confirmation: 10%

Installments x 12 Quarterly: 1,080,690

Total Price: 16,300,000

Trivelles Smart Villas: The Ultimate in Modern Luxury Living

Hassle-Free Living: Maintenance Services at Trivelles Smart Villas

Experience the Future of Home Automation with Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas: A Status Symbol of Modern Lifestyle

Trivelles Smart Villas: Phase 2 Launched, Abbeys Villas Sold Out

JC Marketing: Exclusive Sales Partner of Trivelles Smart Villas

Hassle-Free Living: Maintenance Services at Trivelles Smart Villas

At Trivelles Smart Villas, developers understand the importance of providing top-notch maintenance services to its residents. The salient services include key holding facilities, pick & drop dry cleaning, chef hire, maid services, rent a car, swimming pool maintenance, garden maintenance, and grocery services. These services aim to provide residents with a hassle-free and comfortable living experience.

Furthermore, Trivelles Smart Villas offer community management services, including the maintenance of CCTV, street lights, mosque, roads, and water treatment plant. These services ensure that residents have access to all the necessary amenities without any inconvenience.

Why is it called Smart Home?

Trivelles Smart Villas are called smart homes because they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes them truly smart. These villas offer a range of smart features that provide residents with comfort and luxury, accessible from anywhere in the world. The standard smart features include smart switches, temperature & humidity sensors, automated door locks, gas sensors, smart doors & windows, magic boxes, remote access, CCTV indoor & outdoor cameras, and smart motion sensors.

In addition, Trivelles Smart Villas offer optional smart features, including centralized cooling and heating systems, carbon mono-oxide sensors, additional smoke sensors, water leak sensors, automated curtain rail systems, additional door/windows sensors, and smart mirrors. These features make Trivelles Smart Villas a unique and innovative residential project that offers a truly modern living experience.

Trivelles Smart Villas: Phase 2 Launched, Abbeys Villas Sold Out

The first phase of the Trivelles Smart Villas project has already been sold out, and the second phase has been launched recently. Additionally, Abbeys Villas, another residential project by Trivelles, is currently out of inventory. The demand for Trivelles Smart Villas is growing rapidly, and the project is expected to become one of the most sought-after residential projects in the region.

Exclusive Sales Partner

Emperor Marketing has become the exclusive sales partner of Trivelles Smart Villas. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Trivelles and Emperor Marketing aims to promote modernization in the real estate market of Pakistan. Emperor Marketing is known for its exceptional marketing and sales services, and its partnership with Trivelles is expected to provide a significant boost to the sales and marketing efforts of Trivelles Smart Villas.


Trivelles Smart Villas offer an exceptional living experience with their innovative smart features, top-of-the-line amenities, and exceptional maintenance services. The project has already gained significant attention from buyers, and its popularity is expected to grow further in the coming years. 

If you are looking for a luxurious and modern living experience, Trivelles Smart Villas are the perfect choice for you. Contact Emperor Marketing to learn more about the project and book your dream home today!

Trivelles Smart Villas

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