Types of Plots in Park View City Islamabad

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Types of Plots in Park View City Islamabad

Ts quoted from the official website, Park View City will have a 400 ft wide Main Boulevard. Which grants direct access from the highway into the society. There are many types of plots in park view city islamabad. Moreover, housing units will also be available on both sides of this major road that comes with 10m-wide right of way and 20m-wide green belts.

The main boulevard starts from Faisal Town and ends at Banigala Road. While there are internal roads arranged in such a way for residential plots that they all intermingle with adjacent portions without any gap. Eye-catching square designated spaces, flower beds, and lush greens add to its beauty.

While gardeners take care of plant preference within these planted areas. The project will provide most modern facilities like clubhouse, fitness center, sports facility.  Like (football ground, tennis court, cricket batting practice platform, etc.), children’s play area, swimming pool along with convention center.

Types of Plots in Park View City

Residential type plots:

The housing units are provided in the following categories:

 Plots that are 100 feet wide

 Plot that is 150 feet wide

 Plots that are 200 feet wide

 Plot that is 250 feet wide

Park View City is a residential project so it will have both the facilities of Residential as well as commercial plots. The most interesting thing about this venture is, if you have already purchased a plot for yourself that you want to keep reserved, then there is no restriction regarding sub-division of this land even after purchase. As per Vision Group Islamabad, they do not intend to divide or slice up any piece of land owned by anyone buyer without their approval and consent.

Commercial type plots:

The commercial plots, which are also known as Car Parking, will be arranged in a way that they have easy access from all sides. Moreover, these commercial plots have been designed to accommodate about 200 cars and 10 big size office units. You can get a car parking space or an office unit by paying the price mentioned against it on the official website of Park View City Islamabad.

In order to meet your daily needs, there will be facilities like medical stores, banks, retail stores, etc., so you don’t have to travel far away from Park View City Islamabad during emergencies or other important occasions. There will also be specific areas allocated for religious places so you can offer your obligatory prayers at any time without any hassle.


There will be at least one park in every sector of Park View City Islamabad. These parks will be open to all residents. They will also have separate parking spaces that can accommodate about 200 cars together.

You can see some images of the proposed layout plan of the construction work along with a location map on the official website (link mentioned below). This site is regularly updated by Vision Group. So you can visit it again if you want to get the latest information about this project.

Farmhouse plots types:

As mentioned in the info-graphic, Park View City will also have farmhouses for sale. There are 8 different sizes of farmhouse plots available. But you can get detailed information about their size and price by visiting the official website.

The farmhouses come with water storage tanks installed inside. So that people do not have to depend on the municipality system for their daily needs when it comes to drinking, cooking, etc. This provides a good point to consider. Whenever anyone is looking forward to living in an independent home without any kind of disturbance or hassle.

Overseas plots type:

There will also be plots available for overseas buyers. These plots are located in a pool facing the sector with all important facilities. Like clubhouse, sports facility, parks, security, etc. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay any installment or down payment in order to get your plot reserved; the only thing is that you need to complete it in 3 years’ time. So this project offers something different when compared to other housing projects. Which makes it popular among investors due to its different approach and unique features.

Those are some Types of Plots in Park View City hope you like our effort.

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