Why overseas invest in Park View City

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Why overseas invest in Park View City

If you are wondering Why overseas invest in Park View City then you are in the right place.

You may ask yourself why one should invest in Park View City. Well, there are many reasons that will make you want to invest or even buy a property here. Let’s start with the physical structure of the CDA city – This family-friendly city is located on the main Islamabad highway and has direct access to it.

Moreover, Banigala road is also connected to this housing society via a flyover. The other factor that separates Park View City from other societies is the fact that the main boulevard is 400 ft wide. Which grants direct access to the highway. One can also take the access route via Kurri Road.

Another vital point of distinction is its location, as it can be said for all CDA societies but here one has quick and easy access to all parts of Islamabad. Including education institutions, hospitals, food courts, etc. You are never far away from these necessities or luxuries of life.

Moreover, given its location on the main GT road, you will have unmatched connectivity with the rest of Pakistan.

Some Reasons Why overseas invest in Park View City

High Return on Investment:

The best thing about Park View is the fact that it offers high ROI (return on investment) to its investors. The reason behind this is its location and affordable prices of various plots in the city. Because of its location on GT road, one has easy access to all parts of Islamabad. Including education institutions, hospitals, commercial markets, etc.

Also with time, the appreciation value of this property will increase. Because since it’s located on the main GT road.  So there are lots of opportunities for commercial hubs, schools, etc in the future. Which will only mean more opportunities for overseas to invest in park view city this.

Benefit from Government Incentives:

Park View City is a CDA-approved housing project. This means that if you purchase a property from Park View City you will benefit from the five-year tax holiday given by the government to newly launched properties in CDA zones and federal areas. Furthermore, after this period of five years, all taxes and duties will be paid and clear.

It is worth mentioning here that only two plots have been released in zone 4. Which makes it even more valuable for investors. Because it’s going to increase in value relatively faster than other plots. It has a covered parking area, and wide roads with street lights. The best part about this society is direct access to Islamabad Highway. So one can easily commute between Islamabad and Rawalpindi through GT road which takes around 20 minutes.


When we talk about Park view city Islamabad, its amenities can never be overlooked; I will list them here in points: – Wide roads High-speed lifts (lifts in high-rise apartments).  Water supply 24/7 Gas line and electricity 24/7 Adequate water tankers installed for every block.  Landscape garden Solar street lamps with Wi-Fi-enabled smart poles so you can use them as your personal hotspot.


Park view city is a low-crime area because of its location which ensures maximum safety and security for its residents. It has all types of law enforcement agencies nearby such as the Airport police station, Sahara centre Police Station, Railways Police Station, etc.

Not only that the society is guarded by well-trained armed guards at the main gate. Who ensures that your car or any other valuables stay safe inside the housing society i.e. protected from theft or burglary.


The availability of plots in Park View City is a major factor that makes it a good investment for Pakistanis living abroad. Moreover, because of its location on the main GT road and close to the main Faisal town, one can easily buy the property from overseas. In this regard, you can contact Vision Group or Javed estate agents who will be more than happy to assist you in making your dream come true.

In short, if you’re planning to put your hard-earned money into any real estate project then you should first consider all factors. Compare them with other societies before making any final decision. By considering above mentioned points we hope that we have answered the question of why overseas invest in park view city?

Business-Friendly Environment:

When we talk about Park view City Islamabad, it’s not just a residential housing project but also a commercial hub. The best thing about this society is the fact that there are plans for future commercial hubs. Educational institutions in the near vicinity of park view city so you can witness an uprise in demand and appreciation value of your property after some time.

Hassle-Free Living:

Another reason why overseas invest in Park View City for their families is its hassle-free living environment. Since everything, you need on daily basis such as hospitals, banks, restaurants, shops, etc. Located right next to this residential estate people will find themselves at ease when they move in with their families in park view city


In a nutshell, Park view is one of the best places to buy property for investment purposes. The location is prime and it has all types of facilities that an ideal housing society should have to ensure the safety and comfort of its residents.

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